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What to Ask a Refractive Surgeon?
Ask relevant questions about LASIK and refractive surgery. Click here to read more about refractive eye surgery and surgeon
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What To Ask a Refractive Surgeon?

Refractive Surgery

After you find a surgeon, make an appointment for a consultation. This is an important meeting.To take full advantage of it, write down as many relevant questions about LASIK and refractivesurgery you can think of, and ask every single one during your visit.

Some recommended questions are:

  • Where did you get trained?
  • Did you have a cornea and LASIK training for long term fellowship?
  • What are your credentials?
  • How many publications and presentations have you done nationally and internationally?
  • How many procedures have you done?
  • What is your complication rate, and how does this compare with national averages?
  • Do you perform procedures at your own center, or do you need to travel elsewhere?
  • Do you charge extra if an enhancement is required?

You need to be confident that you have chosen the right person. So if you are not happy with answers to your questions, consult another surgeon.If you're considering a surgeon who doesn't perform a particular procedure you're interested in, ask for an explanation of why, beyond "I don't do that."

The LASIK Surgeon's Office: "That Personal Touch"
But to be fair, most good surgeons understandably have only a certain amount of time to spend with their patients when routine procedures are involved. So a good surgeon also recognizes that it's important to have friendly, competent staff available who also can assist with answering your questions and concerns. The initial impression you receive at the "front desk" may be an important indicator of how comfortable you will be made to feel as you go through the remaining steps of scheduling and undergoing a surgical procedure. Assessing the presence of that "personal touch" may be an important step to take before you commit to any eye surgeon.

Author - Dr Vardhaman Kankariya
Dr Vardhaman is an internationally reputed and India’s first dual fellowship trained LASIK and Relex SMILE surgeon based in Pune. He holds LIMCA Book of world Records for LASIK surgery and is only Indian eye surgeon trained by father of LASIK Prof Pallikaris himself. He loves travelling, playing piano and watching movies.

LASIK and ReLEX SMILE at Asian Eye Hospital
Dr Kankariya and Asian Eye Hospital (Sai Surya Eye Care PVT LTD) are considered as pioneers of LASIK in India. The LASIK experience at Asian Eye is painless, blades in comforting world class facility and best of the lot technology. With experience of vision correction procedures since 1985, it is currently one of most experienced centre in the country with over 1 lac procedures done successfully. The team has Dr Prakash Kankariya, one of the pioneers of LASIK in India and Dr Vardhaman Kankariya, the first Indian eye surgeon with dual long term fellowships in Europe and USA. Dr Vardhaman is also the first and only surgeon trained over 1 year by father of LASIK, professor Pallikaris himself in university of Crete. He is also the first surgeon to get fellowship training in bladeless and robotic precision Femtosecond technology assisted LASIK, Relex SMILE and femto Cataract Surgery at USA’s best Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. He is probably the most awarded LASIK surgeon in India (3 Asia Pacific Awards, 2 World Ophthalmology Conference awards and 3 All India Ophthalmological Society Awards) and most published scientific researcher with over 40 international publications. Asian Eye doctors are preferred LASIK providers for the country and get patients from abroad due to professional and friendly approach and expertise.