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Asian Eye Clinic : Speciality Diabetic Eye Clinic

Asian Eye Clinics is an initiative started under the aegis of "Asian Eye Foundation". The aim of Asian Eye Clinics is to breach the gap between the needy patients having specific eye problems and the expert eye doctors. These patients need to be diagnosed appropriately referred to specialist expert if needed and treated with proficiency and expertise. The main focus of Asian eye clinic is going to diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma screening . These two diseases are the leading cause of preventable blindness in India and world.

Purpose Of Asian Eye Clinic

There are numerous kind of patients in society . Few are aware of their health issues, but either they have half knowledge about it or unnecessarily know too many things which may be misguiding.

Dr. Shrutika Kankariya

Such half knowledge unnecessarily increase the apprehension in patients and make thenm feel more sick and demotivated. On the other side, majority of patients even today are completely unaware of signs and symptoms of even basic eye problems , which may push them unnecessarily into complicated health issues. This gap between the needy and expert can be breached by bringing the primary eye clinics like Asian eye clinic to the doorsteps of the patients.

Scope And Facility at Asian Eye Clinic

The clinic will be well equipped to diagnose any kind of eye problem accurately. A complete eye check-up including Vision, Refraction, Intra Ocular Pressure check, retinal check-up, optic never evaluation will be carried out here. Patients having an eye disease, which requires investigations and surgery will be directed to tertiary center ASIAN EYE HOSPITAL. Asian eye hospital is internationally reputed, state of the art hospital located in heart of city approachable to any person in the city of Pune. The hospital has all possible equipments in eye care under one roof from OCT, Retinal Angiography(FFA), Retinal Green laser , SMILE and lasik laser machine, best Phacoemulsification micro-incision cataract surgery set up and Indias first zepto cataract etc.

Diabetes Retinopathy Eduaction and Diagnosis

Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of avoidable blindness or visual impairment in society. One must be wondering how a person can get blind when such advanced technology and doctors are available in today’s era. What we need to understand is sometimes the disease doesn’t give us enough indications and time to treat it and hence we need to attack the disease proactively before it damages our eyes.

What happens in diabetic retinopathy is that patient doesn’t realize any symptoms or signs until advanced stage of proliferative diabetic retinopathy is reached. At this stage there can be severe bleeding and ‘pull’ on the delicate retina(traction) causing permanent irreversible damage to the vision. To cut short diabetic retinopathy can permanently damage your vision without any warning signs. This can only be prevented if a proficient doctor meticulously checks the retina of patient and diagnose the retinopathy in early stage. Along with the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, good systemic control of blood sugar levels, HTN , cholesterol, CRP is very important, since this is root cause of diabetic retinopathy, which is also ensured at Asian eye clinic.

Keeping in mind above things, the clinic will also educate the patient about frequency of retinal check ups required depending upon duration of diabetes mellitus or stage of retinopathy incase in casr of DR, the symptoms patients is required to be aware of etc.

If the patient has diabetic retinopathy , educating the patient about the stage of disease, role of treatment like Antivegf intravitreal injections , retinal green laser therapy, motivating to take care of DM will be done here. In addition , guidance about systematic blood sugar level monitoring , counselling about customized diabetic diet, stress management (stress is the most common and ignored cause of fluctuating sugar levels), will also be provided to the patient.

Cataract Evaluation and Guidance

Cataract evaluation and guiding patient for appropriately planning their surgery will be done here. The procedure of cataract surgery is explained including preoperative and postoperative care to be taken . Information about various intraocular lenses(IOL)is provided and patients are helped to choose the best suitable IOL considering all the aspects of ones eye. This will help patient to understand every aspect of cataract surgery , discuss with family members and take an informed decision.

Glaucoma Awareness , Education and Screening

Glaucoma screening is a must after age of 40, because glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness world wide. It is called as the silent thief of vision because patient never realizes or notice any difficulty in vision until about 70 % of irreversible vision loss has already occurred. What is required is thorough clinical evaluation of optic nerve and measurement of intraocular pressures (IOP) to do appropriate glaucoma screening. We educate and screen patients for glaucoma here.
Regular follow ups of patients will help the doctor and patient as a team to manage and cure any kind of eye diseases.