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We provide complete care and treatment for all neuro ophthalmic disorders. Dr. Kankariya is one of the best neuro ophthalmologist surgeons in India
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Neuro ophthalmology

Neuro ophthalmology is the speciality that deals with ophthalmic diseases with neurological problems and various optic nerve disorders. Neuro-ophthalmology focuses on diseases of the nervous system that affect vision, control of eye movements, or pupillary reflexes.

Common pathology referred to neuro-ophthalmologist include:

  • Optic neuritis- Inflammation of optic nerve
  • Optic neuropathy- Damage to optic nerve leading to loss of vision
  • Papilloedema- Optic disc swelling due to increased Intracranial pressure
  • Brain tumors or stroke
  • Anisocoria-Difference in size of pupil of both eyes
  • Ophthalmoplegia- Paralysis or weakness of eye muscles
  • Diplopia- double vision
  • Ptosis-Drooping or falling of upper eye lid
  • Nystagmus-Invountary movement of eye
  • Blepharospasm-Abnormal contraction or twitch of eye
  • Hemifacial spasm

We at Asian Eye Care provide complete care and treatment for all neuroophthalmic disorders.