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The Femto-Lasik or bladeless Lasik makes LASIK even safer and more accurate. Fewer complications, painless. Bladeless LASIK is one of our preferred techniques of laser vision correction
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Bladeless Lasik

ASIAN EYE HOSPITAL, Is One of the few Centres in the World Which Offers the Widest Range of Laser Treatments for Spectacle Independence

Bladeless Lasik VS Traditional Lasik

Traditional Lasik has helped millions to live life achieving freedom of vision without need of spectacles or contact lenses. The Femto-Lasik makes LASIK even safer and more accurate. In traditional LASIK, surgeons use a blade called as Microkeratome to create the flap. Although surgical complications during LASIK are relatively rare, most are related to flap making with microkeratome. In Femto-LASIK or bladeless LASIK, a super precise femtosecond laser is used to create the flap – offering safest flap making technology. Then surgeons use an Excimer laser to perform the rest of the LASIK procedure to correct refractive power underneath the flap.

Benefits Of Femto-Lasik Could Be Summarized As Follows:

  • More accurate results.

  • Faster return to normal life (work, swimming, driving).

  • Wider spectrum of Refractive errors corrections (higher     degrees of myopia, Hyperopia).
  • Quicker and tighter healing of the cornea.

  • People ineligible for Lasik could be eligible for IntraLASIK.

  • Less complications (irritation, dry eye) and painless.

  • Asian eye hospital, the best hospital for femtolasik, ReLEx smile surgery in Pune

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